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The Chaney acting dynasty is legendary. The family has been entertaining the public for over a hundred years on stage, film and television. Both Chaneys are known for portraying many frightening and unusual characters. Their performances have evoked sympathy, fright, compassion and love. With over 300 film credits collectively, the father-son actors have carved their own niche in entertainment’s history books.

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A Century of Chaneys

A CENTURY – It seems like a long time to the outside world, but to the enclosed group of Chaneys – it skipped by rather quickly. But don’t get the idea it was all fun – it wasn’t. Don’t get the idea it was all tough – it wasn’t. But we, as a family, seemed to have the facility of making fun into fun, and “tough” into fun…it all added up to a century. NEVER was it easy – but we had what it took to make it appear easy – when actually it never was. ~Lon Chaney Jr.