Classic Movie Monster Stamp

On September 30, 1997 The United States Postal Service honored my grandfather and great grandfather with the release of the “Classic Movie Monsters” stamps at Universal Studios Hollywood starring Lon Chaney as “The Phantom of the Opera”, Bela Lugosi as “Dracula”, Boris Karloff as ” Frankenstein” and “The Mummy” and Lon Chaney, Jr. as “The Wolf Man” on Commemorative Stamps immortalizing them as the icons of the horror genre.

What a exciting and emotional time for all the families. It was an incredible day for all who participated and contributed to this successful endeavor.

We had gained support from the media, press and fans from around the world. What a thrill after years of campaigning to see this goal be achieved and have both Chaney’s honored together with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.

The entire Chaney family was in attendance at the celebration and very proud to be a part of this outstanding event. For all of you who could not attend but were there in spirit.  Shown are photos, artwork and the issuance program created for the Classic Movie Monster Stamps.

Special thanks to:

Jerome E.Weinstein, Sara Karloff Sparkman, Bela G. Lugosi, Jr., United States Postal Service and Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, James C. Tolbert, Jr., Kelly L. Spinks, Terrence W. McCaffrey, Mark D. Weinberg, Thomas Blackshear, Derry Noyes, Azeezaly Jaffer, Tirso Del Junco, MD, Barry R. Ziehl, and Universal Studios, Inc. Michelle M. Katz, Lisa Z. Crane, Jim Klein, Cynthia C. Cleveland, Debra Jackman, Universal Monsters, Leonard Maltin, John Landis, Alan Taylor Communications, Erin Davy, and to the thousands who signed, distributed petitions, helped and supported us throughout this campaign,, also the Lankershim Elementary School children for the great Wolf Howl.