Ron’s Speech

Welcome Everyone… I’m so glad you can join us today in this celebration.

First of all…
I have to thank the numerous fans of these great actors… It is due to your support and loyalty that this wonderful occasion is taking place. These “Classic Movie Monster Stamps” are dedicated to you… With the sincerest appreciation from us …the families of Chaney, Karloff and Lugosi.

I personally want to thank Sara Karloff Sparkman for spearheading this campaign. We could not have had a better spokesperson in our effort… And I know her father couldn’t be more proud of his daughter… as well as Bela and my grandfathers…

I’m sure they would be quite surprised… and honored to be remembered in such a significant way. As for this tribute… Now and forever more, will unite these men and the famous characters they portrayed… ( The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy, and of course The Wolf Man) as the icons and immortals of “Classic Horror Film”.

My deepest gratitude to the “United States Postal Service, the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee and Universal Studios Consumer Products Group” for the wonderful job they have done… to make this dream come true.

It has always been my wish, to have my grandfather “Lon Chaney, Jr.” recognized together with his father “Lon Sr.” in this commemorative tribute, recognizing their combined contributions, in the field of entertainment. And especially for Gramps who carried on the legacies of his father, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff so proudly.

And let us not forget… another person who shares in this honor along with our ancestors, and who on this day, must be smiling down from the heavens as well… The great… “Jack Pierce”.

Thanks also to the man with a vision… Carl Laemmle… Universal’s founding father.. And to the producers, writers, directors and cast of these great movies.

Lastly, and above all… I thank God… for the opportunity to share in this incredible honor, with my family, friends and all of you.

Thank You